Computer Help

Pay with Paypal, (job takes approximately 60 min), the job is done remotely by appointment.

Our clean-up for Microsoft Computers Tune-up Services Include:

  • Deleting your temporary Internet files
  • Removing any unnecessary web browser toolbars
  • Removing any unnecessary or malicious Browser Helper Objects
  • Resetting your web browser’s security settings
  • Removing any unnecessary software
  • Installation of a reputable and effective anti-virus program
  • Checking the system registry for errors and making needed corrections
  • Performing Microsoft Windows updates
  • Performing a defragmentation of the hard drive
  • Removing any unnecessary start-up items that may be slowing your computer down

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Additional Services:

  • Setup a Linux virtual machine on a Windows platform (Ubuntu, CentOS, or Debian)
  • Setup and install a Windows Server 2012, 2014
  • Setup and install Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2014
  • Setup and install a Lamp server(Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP)
  • Monitoring services for intrusions, uptime, SNMP
  • Web-filtering issues (Websense, Forcepoint, Trustwave)

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Consulting Services:

  • Web Development for Business, Search engine optimization, best practices and security breach types.
  • Web Filtering Companies and practices.
  • Home Security products to buy and setup without monthly payments.

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