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Welcome to my Music Page

Drums, Flute, Bass, lead guitar in Rock, Latin Jazz, Smooth Jazz 


My complete jams on Drums, bass, lead, flute, and sax

Playing Lead on Blues

Playing Lead on this track ‘Chillin’

Playing Lead on this track ‘Cool Breeze’

Playing all instruments on this original ‘Funkwave’

Playing Lead on this track ‘Latino Thanksgiving’

Playing Lead on this backing track ‘Stormin’


Playing Flute on this backing track called ‘Run’

Playing Sax on this backing track ‘Saturday Mornings’ dedicated to my wife of 49 years!

Playing Bass on this backing track’Smooth Bass’

Playing Electric  Drums with this play-along ‘Chic band’

Paying Electric Drums on this Gospel track

Playing Funk Electric Drums with bass player

Playing Lead on this track

Bass Guitar and Drums for any lead instrument to jam on it.

Bass guitar and rhythm  guitar w/drums

‘The Grouch’ bass and Drums