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What type of services do I provide? With 15 years in the industry both with Windows and Linux, Below is a brief overview of services provided for your Mobile Device Optimization of websites.

  1. Mobile Device Conversion of your website, or a complete overhaul of a new template like WordPress.
  2. Linux Distribution like (Ubuntu, CentOS, and Red Hat) WE can install Lamp ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) which is used for most websites like WordPress or other types of websites. We will need remote access to your server or computer just need to require permissions
  3. Virtual Machines on Windows laptops or Servers and then install an OS or Linux Distribution on it.
  4. Websites installations  of WordPress or Joomla or Web Hosting types like Godaddy. No shopping carts, please.
  5. Windows 2012 Domain Controller installation and setup of your selected services like DHCP, DNS, Active Directory, IIS. This service would be from scratch.
  6. Monitoring Remote servers.
  7. AWS EC2 service installation of Linux servers.
  8. Removal of spyware (computer must be able to connect remotely to my computer).

Optimizing your site for mobile is critical when your target audience increasingly finds you on a tablet or smartphone. We’ll code your website to adapt automatically, for an amazing experience regardless of device size. Content management systems like Joomla or WordPress are customized to fit your needs with an adjustable and intuitive site. You may choose to update the site yourself or have us update per month, daily or quarterly. We can draw a simple non-binding contract that you may cancel at any time.


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