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The East L.A. Revue Internet Radio was established in early 2007 by Steven & Janie Chavez as a commercial free media venue dedicated to preserving the art of early American Rock & Roll and Soul music favored by the West Coast East Los Angeles Chicano audience that represent the first English language Latino generational audience that has lived through generations of social change and the birth, evolution, and continued enjoyment of this music, while still keeping a foot in our Spanish language roots music, and promoting established, as well as new, music talent

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Hispanic Outreach Taskforce

Over the years members of both HOT (Hispanic Outreach Taskforce) boards have developed a strong working relationship with local government officials, government representatives, business leaders, health care organizations and community organizations. These relationships have helped to establish HOT as one of the community's leading service organization with a calandar of successful programs and services.

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four samples of websites

This link will take you to two static websites I built, and two wordpress websites. There are hundreds of templates to use most free and some for a price.


Friends of Father Murphy

We are a group of Salesian Alumni who have come together because of our common love for Father Murphy. At some point in our lives, each one of us was touched by the giving man known as “the Murph”. We all have our own stories that will be shared on a regular basis on the website under the “Murph Stories” column.
As has been mention in this website, Father Murphy taught us through his example that if you could help those in need, you did. It was his gift to us. The gift of “Giving Back”!
So in that light, here are some brief bio’s on the group that today is known as the “Friends of Father Murphy”.


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Destiny Community Church,Whittier,Ca

Destiny Community Church

We pursue truth, fellowship, holiness, unity and excellence through the Holy Spirit.  We are raising the standard of Christianity while equipping and preparing Christians for service in ministry to Jesus Christ.

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Web Filtering and Cyber-Security Resellers. Select from hardware and software to fit your needs. Enterprise or schools

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