Websites start at 295.00.

Includes a 3 page optimized website. WordPress is best for self manage and maintenance. Five Day Turn around with your text and pictures. Text - 562-536-1000

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Linux Security

With hackers using vulnerabilities to get into your network, it’s time to baton down the hatches. The PDF is not for beginners but intermediate administrators.

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Web Maintenance

To busy? Or no time to maintain your web site? No problem. 39.95 monthly purchase can get you started today: picture updates, text, removal of old material, and more.

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Cyber security company, SophosLabs has revealed that email scams associated with coronavirus, COVID-19 have nearly tripled in the past weeks. According to Uncut blog, the scammers are using domain ... via @InfoSecHotSpot

‘Secure’ Backup Company Leaks 135 Million Records Online

The Small Business Administration’s information security program remains “not effective,” despite improvement in cybersecurity oversight of incident response, risk management and contingency planning. via @InfoSecHotSpot

Empanada Becomes Impractical, Delicious Synth

Vegemite is an Australian staple – a rich, protein-filled sandwich spread with a strong salty flavor. It serves as a great way to add a little umami to any dish, which is the hottest open secret in Australia…

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